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Physical Healing Videos

Below, you will find a series of videos targeting specific areas of the human body. These videos are recommended by Katie, owner and therapist at Bountiful Roots Wellness. Each video has been watched carefully and diligently to ensure the safety of our clients.

Physical Therapists Bob and Brad

Introducing the dynamic trio—Bob Schrupp, Brad Heineck, and the newest addition, Mike—the "Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet"! With a combined experience of over 60 years in the physical therapy field, these seasoned experts bring you the best advice, tips, and information on how to get fit, stay healthy, and live pain-free—from the comfort of your home. While Bob may no longer be on the screen, he continues to share his expertise from behind the scenes, and now, Mike joins the on-screen action. Our videos cover a wide range of topics suitable for everyone, from age 0 to 101. Whether you're looking for self-treatment techniques or simply seeking health-related insights, Brad, Bob, and Mike have you covered. With a twist of humor in each video, we aim to make your health journey enjoyable. 

Senior Yoga Class

How To Fix Rhomboid/Scapula Pain Fast

How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots in Traps, Shoulder & Back 

Physical Therapy
Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Neck & Shoulder Pain FAST Relief, 55 & UP

Low Back Pain From Rotated Hips

Yoga Pose

One Life Changing Exercise For Stronger Legs

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