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About The Derby 

We are excited to announce "The Derby at Whispering Pines," a jumper derby hosted by the Roth Family and Jumpstart Training, in Deer Park, WA, and co-hosted by Bountiful Roots Wellness.

Friends Katie Hough, Aubrey Roth, and Maura Winter were inspired to put on the derby by their love of the sport, their community, their horses, and a desire to present a competition format not currently available in the Greater Spokane area.


A derby is an extended format jumper course, at least 1000m long, in which approximately 50% of the jumps are natural style obstacles, weaving in and out of the arena. Think cross country meets showjumping.

We are already hard at work designing the course and building jumps.

We will be hosting a small number of classes with limited fields. The lowest height starting at 2'3" and our highest division at 3'3", as well as a fun rider relay class where you compete in tandem with a friend.

The debut of our derby is set to run at Whispering Pine Farms on Sunday September 17. There will be an abundance of prizes and ribbons for placing up to 10th!

 We would also like to introduce you to our show photographer, Shelbi Nicole Photography!

We're a sucker for a great action shot. Shelbi is well known in the Inland Northwest for her coverage of shows and clinics, as well as individual portrait sessions of riders and their horses. 

We are excited to bring this thrilling event to the community and hope to see you there!


Dress Code

The Derby will follow USHJA guidelines for "Proper Jumper" attire. We will have a "best turnout" award for the horse and rider pair that fully embraces being dressed to the nines and shows some extra class!

Tan/beige/fawn, canary, or white breeches
Pastel or dark breeches

Coats (of any color) required.
Shirt with high, choker style collar.

Equestrian style riding boots with appropriate heel. Half chaps allowed as long as they match in color and style to paddock boots worn.

ASTM/SEI equestrian activity approved helmet, properly fitted to rider, required at all times while mounted.

Tack should be clean and in good shape, to ensure safety of horses and riders. Jumping/close contact style saddle recommended.

Not required, but heavily encouraged (for the fun of it all!)
Braided manes (and tails if you wanna get fancy!) Any braids get you brownie points 
Go ahead and coordinate those coats and saddle pads! We know you want an excuse to.


Schooling at The Derby

-Schooling will be held between 8am and 10am the morning of the show. We will be assigning group schooling times (e.g. 3 or so riders schooling out on the course for a set period of time).

-Schooling is an additional $25 fee. We will most likely not be able to accommodate adding of schooling day of show, in order to keep everyone on schedule.

-Riders will be able to use a set period of time (TBD) to school individual obstacles (not a full course run). Part of the fun/challenge of this will be previewing and selecting which obstacles will be most beneficial for you to introduce to your horse prior to your competition time.

-Schooling will be scheduled. We will do our best to notify you of schooling times prior to show day so you can be ready.

-Jumps/obstacles will be set at varying heights. If you adjust an obstacle, we ask that you return it to it's original state prior to moving on to another.

-Riders schooling out on the course will be responsible for cooperating with other riders who are schooling. It may be helpful to school in pairs or groups in order to best utilize your time, but remaining in group is not required.

-Individuals who spend an excessive amount of time (as determined by show officials/judges) schooling one obstacle may be asked to move on in their schooling.



Volunteers are the staple to running a successful show. We value each volunteer's time, energy, and personal needs. There is an abundance of tasks that need additional manpower and we are motivated to make sure each volunteer is happy and successful in the job they are assigned. Each volunteer will be fed, given breaks and the opportunity to pick from the volunteer prize table.

What do we need from our volunteers?

  • Jump Crew

  • Running Prize Booth

  • Timer/ Judge Helper

  • In- Gate Monitor

  • Score Runner

We are excited to work with you!

Prefered Method of Contact:
Select yor preffered task

Thanks for your interest! Katie will be reaching out to you in 3-5 business days through your preferred contact method.



We want to introduce you to our show photographer, Shelbi Nicole Photography!

We're a sucker for a great action shot. Shelbi is well known in the Inland Northwest for her coverage of shows and clinics, as well as individual portrait sessions of riders and their horses. Go check out her page, like and follow her.

We are so excited to partner with you, Shelbi!



Entries for The Debut Derby opened at 5pm (PST of course...) on July 26th, 2023.

-Fields will be limited to a max of 14 riders per class (14 pairs for rider relay). We want to accommodate as many people as possible, and we will place you on a waitlist if classes are already full.

-You will not be charged until your entry is confirmed, which we will do via email.

-You will have the option to buy a ticket to school the derby course the morning before the show. This means that you will have a limited time to practice some obstacles before show officially starts.

-Competitors will be held to a 2 class + schooling max. 

The Debut Derby
Entry Form

Fee breakdown as follows:

$50 entry/office fee (this is what gets you in the door)

$25 per class/division

$25 schooling

An email with your invoice and link to pay will appear 3-7 days after closing date of September 1, 2023.

Select up to 2 classes and 1 schooling ticket
Vaccination Records
Upload as a Document
Upload as a Picture

Liability Release and Hold Harmless


I enter this show at my own risk and I understand that officers and members of The Derby at Whispering Pine, JumpStart Training, Bountiful Roots Wellness, Katie Hough, Aubrey Roth, Maura Winter and all other associated with this activity assume NO responsibility for accidents, injuries, damage, or illness to owner, horse riders, attendants, spectators or any other person or property in conjunction with this show.  As indicated by my signature below, I hereby release The Derby at Whispering Pine, their officers, members and/or co-sponsors of this show from any claim or right of damages which occur to me, my property, those persons accompanying me or my horse. I also assume full responsibility done by me, my horse, or those accompanying me. 


WARNING: Under Washington law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for injury or death of a participant

in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. Revised Code of Washington 4.24.540

I understand that I am giving up certain legal rights in this document. I have had the opportunity to seek advice in this regard, if I so wish, before signing this document. 


I sign this document voluntarily, because I understand that this is an absolute requirement for myself (children or guests) to use the facilities. I have read and fully understand the statements herein. Also, by signing this document I affirm I have read and agree to show rules and show guidelines. 

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